The Agency

Who we are

Weʼre a team of internationally experienced creatives, who have come together to revolutionize the African film industry and produce crossover visual content.
Our team of actors, writers, illustrators, creative directors and many more, all strive to bring forth a new era of storytelling which represents Africa and the Diaspora to reach global audiences.

Our Skill and Expertise

The First Creatives exists through the wisdom of trained experts and the brilliance and innovation of local talent, coming together with the sole aim of delivering cinematic storytelling with authentic artistic value.

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We hope to open doors to production companies and creative investors looking to tap into the Africaʼs demographics. With their reach and resources, we can execute films that can be understood and respected by the international market



Our main objectives are to become home to the African visual industry, revolutionize African visual content as we know it, and become the #1 supplier of International African Content.



Our creative solution entails building stable content at its roots, and formulating various strategies to achieve industry standards.



Our overall MISSION is to develop film that will raise the profile of African Cinema and display a refreshing perception of the motherland culture